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I am Dr. Gopal Aironi, a leading Homeopathic Physician from Kolhapur, Maharashtra; practicing homeopathy since over 20 years.  Treating patients Pan-India with both acute chronic diseases with classical homeopathy is my passion.
I believe in Holistic and Integrative Medicine Practice with emphasis on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing.
I am also practicing Heartfulness Meditation since 25 years and serve as a Heartfulness Trainer since 2014.
I can speak English, Marathi, Hindi and Telugu fluently.
I completed (BHMS) graduation in Homeopathy, Shivaji university, Kolhapur.
(BHMS) and Diplomate of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) Greece under the guidance of Dr. Vithoulkas, a Stalwart and Great Teacher of Homeopathy.
Practical Training in Homoeopathy from Dr D E Mistry, a renowned General Surgeon and Homoeopathic Physician in Solapur.
Certified Regression Therapist for Transpersonal Regression Therapy from EKAA, an affiliate of TASSO Institute, Netherland.

Contact - 9422050149

They said it...
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Its very helpful my normally physical and mental health life Thanks Dr.

Mahesh Ashok Sutar

Excellent doctor I have ever met with the kind and genuine medical facility and great result.

Yogesh Kadam

Have been taking medicine just for two and half weeks only so right now can't comment anything . But felt very comfortable talking to you.

Silvy Tandon
Thane, Maharashtra

Dr. Gopal is my child's favourite Dr. My son Aadhya used to fall sick every month but after taking medication from sir, aadhya has benifited a lot. Sometimes he is tough on us, he does shout at times but he does it cause he cares a lot about his patients. I haven't met a Dr as clever as him. He is excellent in his work. I have and will further recommend him to many.

Akshita Shah

Excellent ! I am too happy to have such a good doctor friend mentor and much more.

Dr. Sangita Patil

Sir, Treatment I'm receiving for my daughter and myself is very much useful. Diagnosis made by you in the case of my daughter is perfect and the confidence given by you has given us great relief. Only in case of my son we need some more medication.
App is required to be upgraded. And we need your availability for more time as there is no other medicine allowed.
Thanking you sir.

Rajkumar Patil

There is immediate response on whatsup for treatment, good at communication, follow up is taken regarding the improvement of the patient. Thank u for attending on whatsup.

Supriya Deepak Konda

Dr.Gopal Maharaj is incredible. Not only has he taken great care of my health, but also he treats me as his little sister. . It’s rare to find a doctor who combines such personal touches and care for a patient with an outstanding quality of medical care. I always felt at ease and confident in receiving expert medical care. I trust and have faith in his words, and I do whatever he says! That is the level of belief and trust with him. He takes time to help with my health issues, listen to them carefully, and then explains to me well! He is knowledgeable, sensitive, informative, and sometimes terrific to listen to him, but care is always hidden behind his anger. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.

Suchitra Jadhav

Good at there work... Your medicine has made a difference to me, I am recovering now.

Simran Vidye

Dr Gopal is passionate..homeopath having straight forward attitude.he has always thought rather than giving false assurance to patients stick up with our own principles @ let nature help him to heal. I am very greatful in my life that Dr Gopal is my senior mentor @ friend

Dr. Satyajit Desai
Amazing Doctor.
Mostly taken care with just one or two doses.
Overall health of our entire family is improved... Hats off....

Sujata Srinadh Karumuri
Dr. Gopal Aironi has been our family doctor for over 15 years.
He solved so many complications which I have been through. Best treatment.

Meenakshi Bhaskar Awate
Excellent treatment.
Good results and best experience.

Pratyusha Awate
He gives very good meditation.

Manjula Shrikant Bhimnath
My wife and me are under consultation of Doctor Gopal for last few years and really happy and satisfied the way he handled and consulted in our health issues. We have seen he handled and consulted many complicated, rare and chronic diseases and cured the diseases. I would like to take a moment to thank Doctor Gopal for your support and help during difficult health situations and taking out of the situation.

Mayur Konda
Very helpful and gentle behaviour.

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