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Virtual Consultation

Every consultation starts with an in-person or video based interview that lasts over an hour for us to get to know you better. Dr. Gopal Aironi will meet with you, walk you through the process and decide what medications are best suited for balancing your inner conditions.

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Follow Up

Check in with the team with regards to your symptoms, improvements, mental well-being and your next steps. Wether it’s for a quick update or for a newly developing issue, this option works for long standing patients who have consulted with the clinic before.

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Regression Therapy

A focused, result-oriented therapy which dives into the unconscious mind, thereby promoting healing by releasing any negative baggage that was inflicted by the past trauma. It works with an objective to empower people to solve their problems.

Not Sure What You Need?

Simply contact us, send us a brief message regarding the issues you are facing. We will get back to you regarding which service would suite you best. You can then book an appointment for yourself on our online system. We are here to help.

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