Terms and Conditions

To use the consulting services on www.dr.gopalaironi.com

•  If you reside in India you must be aged 18 years or over or have obtained permission from your parent or legal guardian.
•  If you are not an Indian resident, you are responsible for ensuring that you do not violate your state, territory or country’s laws by using the consulting service.
•  The condition or symptoms that you seek to address must be medically non-urgent.

Although each consultation is given the highest professional attention, we cannot guarantee either a positive prognosis or a cure, nor assume responsibility for events affecting the patient on a physical, mental or emotional level, which may prejudice the treatment outcome, including but not restricted to regular use of or addiction to alcohol or recreational drugs. Whilst I assure you of my best possible efforts for those who apply for online treatment, please note that I do not claim to cure each and every case, nor do I guarantee any ‘miracle cure’. The homeopathic medicines are essentially free from side effects and I take no responsibility for any presumed complications.

Patients who use the consulting services (Homeopathy, Allergy/intolerance testing or Nutrition) advertised through Dr Gopal Aironi’s clinic whilst already under the care of another healthcare professional are responsible for informing them of their treatment or consultation if desired or required.

Patients using the consulting service will remain under the overall clinical responsibility of their General Practitioner or Medical Doctor throughout the homeopathic treatment, nutritional consultation or Allergy/intolerance test. Responsibility for adjusting or withdrawing prescribed drugs lies solely with the patient and the prescriber of those drugs.

I reserve the right to decline or terminate treatment where it is deemed to be in the best interest of the patient, or where professional boundaries cannot be maintained, or for any reason at my discretion.
Patients using the consulting service may suspend their treatment at any time by notifying Dr. Gopal Aironi by e-mail or telephone.

Payment of Services:

Payment for each of the consultations is required at the time of your appointment in full. For virtual Zoom appointments payment must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment is scheduled through a payment service such as RazorPay which is directly available through this website. Payment is for advice given, time for the consideration of the case and the actual consultations, once this has been undertaken, no refunds will be given.


Cancellation Policy:

A cancellation of an appointment more than 24 hours in advanced will be fully refunded if payment has already been made as in the case of Zoom consultations. Failure to cancel existing appointments with less than 24 hours notice or failure to show up at your arranged appointment will result in a cancellation fee being charged. This will be 50% of the fee which would have been payable and must be paid within 7 days of the cancelled appointment. Cancellations must be made by telephone or email and payment made by RazorPay. 


Refund Policy:

Refunds will be issued typically within 7-12 working days from date of cancellation to the original method of payment.